Caddis Time on the White

With the funky weather we had this spring the Caddis hatch wasn’t the best we’ve had over the years, but there were days it was awesome!

Minimum flows on the White with sunny days was the right formula for this years hatch.  Through out the system if you looked hard enough they were small pockets of rising fish. On one occasion last week we came upon a small pod of fish and fished a #14 double wing caddis, the fish were all over the fly.

The mainstay for this type of water is fishing a #14 nymph with a #18 dropper. Of late I have been hammering them on Copper John w/ a midge dropper.  Small #10 woolies are working well and try a dropper off the WB’r it works.

Were heading into the summer months and I would suspect the Sulphurs should be hatching before to long.  Can’t wait !!

Tight Lines