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Fall Fishing the White River System

Fall is here and after 3 months of continued high water this week the Corps cut back the flows.  We’re at Power pool and the flows have been from 1500-3500 CFS.  Ideal fishing conditions.

The browns are currently spawning so try to stay off the beds, the water temp is around 60 F and that is a little to warm for our spawning fish, hopefully with the cooler weather the water temps will get back down in the 50′s.

Fishing the last several weeks has been up and down. I would suggest Midges and egg patterns in the morning with your basic Nymph patterns late morning into the afternoon.  Streamers and wooly boogers through out the day will produce some nice fish.  Fishing over the weed beds with structure will produce your better fish.

My go to Flies: BHPT #16, BHHE #14, Copper John #14, Prince #14-12, Black zebra midge #16-18, Red Midge #18 Black egg sucking leech #10, Olive WB #10

Expect great conditions for the next two months…. see ya on the river


Spring 2015

Hello everyone I hope the winter in your area is coming to an end.  Here in SW Missouri we have received several inches of snow and some really cold temps.  However the cold temps haven’t kept the Die Hard Streamer guys away.  Several big browns have been caught over the last 30 days the only problem you had to fare the cold weather.

I am looking forward to a fine spring time caddies hatch.  The next 10 days look to be above normal which should kick start the bugs.  I would venture to say starting around the 20th of this Month we could start to see some early hatches.

It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog… sorry about that..I have been very busy with my real job of real estate development. Finally after 6 yrs of a deep recession the economy has turned around and were back to work in a big way.  I still will be doing some select guiding so please give me a call I would love to fit you in my schedule.


Caddis Time on the White

With the funky weather we had this spring the Caddis hatch wasn’t the best we’ve had over the years, but there were days it was awesome!

Minimum flows on the White with sunny days was the right formula for this years hatch.  Through out the system if you looked hard enough they were small pockets of rising fish. On one occasion last week we came upon a small pod of fish and fished a #14 double wing caddis, the fish were all over the fly.

The mainstay for this type of water is fishing a #14 nymph with a #18 dropper. Of late I have been hammering them on Copper John w/ a midge dropper.  Small #10 woolies are working well and try a dropper off the WB’r it works.

Were heading into the summer months and I would suspect the Sulphurs should be hatching before to long.  Can’t wait !!

Tight Lines

Spring Fishing Report

Spring has finally arrived in the Ozarks….But as I am writing my report the temperatures are 30 degrees, what’s up with that? Oh well by the end of the week it will be back in the 70′s.

Current water conditions through out the White River system has been moderate generation.  The White River has seen around the clock generation from 4,000-10,000 CFS, Fishing has been slow to moderate with the colder than normal water temps.  The Caddis hatch has been non existent because of the heavy flows and I am afraid we wont experience the hatch we had last year because of the colder temps.

The Norfolk has been fishing very good: With water conditions from 0 units to 1 unit or 184 CFS (MF) – 3,000 CFS.  Fish are focusing on midges and some very nice fish have been caught.  My flies of choice have been #16-18 BH Zebra midge, Prince, Stinnett Midge. Color has been Camel brown. On higher water a san Juan worm with a midge dropper has been deadly.

The White River system offers the finest fly fishing experience in the Midwest. Trophy browns of 20″-24″ are common with the chance of landing a 30″er….The rainbows on the Norfolk are colored up like a rainbow and its very common to land the Arkansas grand slam, with a rainbow, brown & cutthroat.

Now is the time to break away from the winter doldrums and fish the White River system..give me a call.


Pre-Spring Fishing Report

Green Body Double WingAfter one of the coldest winters in the last 50 yrs I am glad to say farewell to the wintry weather. As I have been held captive for the last 6 weeks because of the temps, rescheduling trips and wishing I was stripping a streamer ! Now the tide has turned and looking forward to wetting a line with my clients and friends.

There have been good reports of some trophy Browns being taken on big streamers, a normal event this time of year.  The big boys are always hungry after propigating their species and seek out anything that resembles a hearty meal.  As we approach the end of February the temps are rising into the 50-60′s and with the longer days and higher angle of the sun, will cause a metamorphis of our next big bug the Caddis ! thats right in the next few weeks you can start fishing those #14 caddis larva and caddis pupa patterns you should of been tying.  My favorite pattern this time of year is the Evil Weevil a little unknown pattern that came my way via Canada.  Its is deadly and you should not be with out some in your box.  This White River Caddis is a large #14 green body with a blonde wing. For representing the adult I like the “Double Wing green caddis”, a proven fish taker that fishes great as a dry as well as a emerger.

March also brings our annual “Sow Bug” event in Mt Home Arkansas, a must see event if you like fly tying and talking shop with some of the best Fly fishers around. A great bunch of guys and gals…

Keep your eyes and ears posted on my blog and Should you have any questions regarding our rivers, bugs or tactics please give me a call my phone and door are always open.

Tight Lines,



Winter Time Fishing

January offers few windows for satisfying our addiction. Recently we just experienced a record setting polar weather system, with reported lows of -11. A few small windows of warmer temps are forecasted later this week and next. A good time to escape your cabin fever and feed your addiction.

Tight lines.




Another year to begin soon, the past year produced many trophy browns and excellent dry fly action. Lake levels are in good shape and with both reservoirs operating min flows I anticipate a great fishing season. The big browns are just starting to move off the their redds, and will be looking for some major food sources. Fishing large articulated streamers will get their attention.

For you streamer addicts now thru march is a great time to catch that trophy brown. I am offering a STREAMER ADDICT SPECIAL. Starting Jan 5 thru March 1 a full day guide trip with 6 hand tied streamers for $350. Just contact me via phone or email to schedule your trip.

Have a great new year !


Holiday Season Fishing Report

The Holiday season is upon us, where did the time go? It seems every year goes by so fast !  As we head into the winter season our White River system reservoirs are at or below Power Pool.  This will provide a steady flow of generation primarily for power generation, thus providing excellent drift and wading opportunities.  This time of year is propbably the most relaxing time on the river, less crowds and abundent wild life offers the fisherman a Zen full day.

The Browns are spawning so make sure you respect their Redds, I know you’ll be tempted to fish to the spawning fish but restrain your self and fish to the fish below.  The primary hatch will be the midge hatch, fishing small 18-22 midge patterns will produce some fish. Focus on the soft seams and back eddies, on higher water look for shallow areas with good weed beds (coon tail) those areas will hold good fish.  My go to flies for midging are: Tan Stinnetti, zebra midge, rainbow warrior, WD 40, Davy white tail midge.  Also, a peach egg works great.

Streamers: As we progress into the colder days with higher generation break out the streamers. Focus on shallow gravel beds with weed beds where there is a constant current, the big boys will be finishing up the spawning and will be hungry.  My go to Streamers are: Peanut Envy, Double Deciever, sex dungeon, White Zoo Cougar, Leg Spreader and JJ Special.

Enjoy the

Fall Fishing Forecast

Sunday marks the beginning of Fall and after a long and crazy Summer it is well appreciated.

Fall fishing in the Ozarks

There has been a lot of new changes on the two rivers White and Norfork.  On July 4th the Minimum Flow project started on the White River, a welcome change for sure.  In actuality this increase in MF will raise the low water elevation by 6-8″ or 600 cfs. This additional water will cover many surface acres of gravel bars becoming hosts for aquatic insects and cooling the water down at the peak of Summer.  On Sept 15 the COE started the MF on the Norfork, it too will increase the water elevation approx 8 “, with anticipated positive effects as mentioned above.

I was fortunate enough to take a 10 day trip out to Montana and Wyoming with good friend Chuck Banta.  It was a good ole boy “Road Trip”.  Spectacular scenery, great commardire and excellent fishing. Many fish were caught with the biggest a 23 ” Brown caught from the Yellowstone River in Montana’s paradise Valley.  Good friend and guide Eric Strader took his day off to fish with us, Thanks Eric !!

Now for the Fall Fishing Report: Cooler weather has entered our region and with it we should expect lower generation.  For the White expect MF overnight with a possible 1 unit with an additional 2 units in the afternoon.  The Hopper bite will continue to nail some nice Browns along with some good Bows.  A pink or tan hopper has been working well, along with a dropper of either a BH Pheasant tail, Lightning Bug, Red zebra midge or BH Hares ear.  Small woolly buggers in olive and brown, 56′r and a leg spreader will produce.  On higher flows go to a bigger streamer size 4-6 or even articulated.

The Norfork is fishing great.  many reports of 50-70 rainbow fish days with some nice Cutts being taken along with Browns. Midges in the morning are your best bet.  #18-20 zebra midges, Sinnetti’s, WD-40.  Hopper and Dropper set up is the way to rig up right now.  In the afternoons a Mayfly nymph will work well.

Well, I have to get ready for a busy 45 days of fishing, Please stay posted for fishing reports and some great fish Pics.  Should you want a guide please give me a call I would love to fish with ya.


Heavy Flows

Heavy flows throughout the entire system started a week ago, the increased generation is to lower lake levels back to power pool.

The hopper bite slowed up a bit because of the increase but the streamer and nymph fishing has picked up. Smaller to mid size streamers are the ticket, like JJ Specials, Leg Spreader, Zoo Cougar, Deceiver.. For nymphing PT, Copper John, BH Prince, BHGRHE, White tail midge, Dave’s Emerger and SJ Worm.

Terrestrials are still working but you have to place them tight to the bank or in back sloughs..the generation should subside by Sept 15th.

Tight lines,