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Holiday Season Fishing Report

The Holiday season is upon us, where did the time go? It seems every year goes by so fast !  As we head into the winter season our White River system reservoirs are at or below Power Pool.  This will provide a steady flow of generation primarily for power generation, thus providing excellent drift and wading opportunities.  This time of year is propbably the most relaxing time on the river, less crowds and abundent wild life offers the fisherman a Zen full day.

The Browns are spawning so make sure you respect their Redds, I know you’ll be tempted to fish to the spawning fish but restrain your self and fish to the fish below.  The primary hatch will be the midge hatch, fishing small 18-22 midge patterns will produce some fish. Focus on the soft seams and back eddies, on higher water look for shallow areas with good weed beds (coon tail) those areas will hold good fish.  My go to flies for midging are: Tan Stinnetti, zebra midge, rainbow warrior, WD 40, Davy white tail midge.  Also, a peach egg works great.

Streamers: As we progress into the colder days with higher generation break out the streamers. Focus on shallow gravel beds with weed beds where there is a constant current, the big boys will be finishing up the spawning and will be hungry.  My go to Streamers are: Peanut Envy, Double Deciever, sex dungeon, White Zoo Cougar, Leg Spreader and JJ Special.

Enjoy the

Fishing Report April 21

Tom B.

The ozark region has been fortunate enought to receive some good rains the last few weeks.  The lake levels on all of the reservoirs have increased to and above Power Pool.  The White River has been generating approx 7,500-12,000 CFS the last 48 hrs. The Norfork has some windows of 0 generation but today generation is 5,000 CFS.  This is good the rivers needed a good flushing and the fish love the cold water and the abundant food sources that are kicked up.

Sunday I had the pleasure to guide Gene and Tome Bratt, father and son who love to fly fish. We put in at Rim Shoals on 2- units of overnight water approx 2,500 CFS (perfect) ! Since the last stomach sample revealed alot of nymphs we tied on BH PT with a Dave’s Emerger and a Midge dropper.  Tom hooked the first fish to remove the skunk out of the boat and until lunch we hammered the fish!! After lunch the catching slowed down we tried streamers, nymphs etc, but they sjut weren’t biting. As we entered Buffalo Shoals we started catching some better fish on streamers. A JJ Speacial along with a Olive Beldar.

The weather was great and so was the company. Gene & Tome will be back in October !!

As we enter May expect higher generation, on the higher flows I would fish Big Streamers with a full sinking line and nymph fishng along the soft seams clost to the bank within the weed beds.  Good luck on your fishing.


Fishing Report April 6-7

This weekend the Winter doldrums left us and provided 70 degree days.  I had the pleasure to guide Jeff Loeb from St Louis who the last time he fished the White with me in 2007 he caught a 27″ brown. This time the fishing was just as good with great temperatures and a epic Caddis hatch.

On Friday we fished from Wild Cat to Cotter on low water and by 11 am the caddis were bursting out of the water and the fish were definitely on the feed.  We threw a 14 double wing caddis and for 2 hrs caught and released to many to caount and two nice 15 & 17 ” Browns.  Saturday we fished from Cotter to Rim.  The wind was strong early and there wasn’t as strong as hatch, so we tied on the Evil Weevil and proceeded to catch fish. As we approached Round House we waded the big riffle and landed some nice Rainbows, 2 nice 16  inchers.  As we left Armstrong’s Hole we motored on down to the upper part of the Rock Garden, Jeff’s first cast he hooked a nice 19″ Brown which thought he was a 25 “‘r.  Two jumps and a long run Jeff played the fish perfectly on the 6X tippett.  After a few more exciting runs Jeff had the fish to the boat where it was landed.  Man I love this sport !


Photo Gallery

Roger Lindstrom
Jay Bettis with his nice rainbow

Dave Bissemeyer

Chris Bissemeyer


Jeff Loeb

Spring time Brown

Fat Spring Bow

Dan Pritchett with nice Brown