Fall Fishing Forecast

Sunday marks the beginning of Fall and after a long and crazy Summer it is well appreciated.

Fall fishing in the Ozarks

There has been a lot of new changes on the two rivers White and Norfork.  On July 4th the Minimum Flow project started on the White River, a welcome change for sure.  In actuality this increase in MF will raise the low water elevation by 6-8″ or 600 cfs. This additional water will cover many surface acres of gravel bars becoming hosts for aquatic insects and cooling the water down at the peak of Summer.  On Sept 15 the COE started the MF on the Norfork, it too will increase the water elevation approx 8 “, with anticipated positive effects as mentioned above.

I was fortunate enough to take a 10 day trip out to Montana and Wyoming with good friend Chuck Banta.  It was a good ole boy “Road Trip”.  Spectacular scenery, great commardire and excellent fishing. Many fish were caught with the biggest a 23 ” Brown caught from the Yellowstone River in Montana’s paradise Valley.  Good friend and guide Eric Strader took his day off to fish with us, Thanks Eric !!

Now for the Fall Fishing Report: Cooler weather has entered our region and with it we should expect lower generation.  For the White expect MF overnight with a possible 1 unit with an additional 2 units in the afternoon.  The Hopper bite will continue to nail some nice Browns along with some good Bows.  A pink or tan hopper has been working well, along with a dropper of either a BH Pheasant tail, Lightning Bug, Red zebra midge or BH Hares ear.  Small woolly buggers in olive and brown, 56′r and a leg spreader will produce.  On higher flows go to a bigger streamer size 4-6 or even articulated.

The Norfork is fishing great.  many reports of 50-70 rainbow fish days with some nice Cutts being taken along with Browns. Midges in the morning are your best bet.  #18-20 zebra midges, Sinnetti’s, WD-40.  Hopper and Dropper set up is the way to rig up right now.  In the afternoons a Mayfly nymph will work well.

Well, I have to get ready for a busy 45 days of fishing, Please stay posted for fishing reports and some great fish Pics.  Should you want a guide please give me a call I would love to fish with ya.