Holiday Season Fishing Report

The Holiday season is upon us, where did the time go? It seems every year goes by so fast !  As we head into the winter season our White River system reservoirs are at or below Power Pool.  This will provide a steady flow of generation primarily for power generation, thus providing excellent drift and wading opportunities.  This time of year is propbably the most relaxing time on the river, less crowds and abundent wild life offers the fisherman a Zen full day.

The Browns are spawning so make sure you respect their Redds, I know you’ll be tempted to fish to the spawning fish but restrain your self and fish to the fish below.  The primary hatch will be the midge hatch, fishing small 18-22 midge patterns will produce some fish. Focus on the soft seams and back eddies, on higher water look for shallow areas with good weed beds (coon tail) those areas will hold good fish.  My go to flies for midging are: Tan Stinnetti, zebra midge, rainbow warrior, WD 40, Davy white tail midge.  Also, a peach egg works great.

Streamers: As we progress into the colder days with higher generation break out the streamers. Focus on shallow gravel beds with weed beds where there is a constant current, the big boys will be finishing up the spawning and will be hungry.  My go to Streamers are: Peanut Envy, Double Deciever, sex dungeon, White Zoo Cougar, Leg Spreader and JJ Special.

Enjoy the