Pre-Spring Fishing Report

Green Body Double WingAfter one of the coldest winters in the last 50 yrs I am glad to say farewell to the wintry weather. As I have been held captive for the last 6 weeks because of the temps, rescheduling trips and wishing I was stripping a streamer ! Now the tide has turned and looking forward to wetting a line with my clients and friends.

There have been good reports of some trophy Browns being taken on big streamers, a normal event this time of year.  The big boys are always hungry after propigating their species and seek out anything that resembles a hearty meal.  As we approach the end of February the temps are rising into the 50-60′s and with the longer days and higher angle of the sun, will cause a metamorphis of our next big bug the Caddis ! thats right in the next few weeks you can start fishing those #14 caddis larva and caddis pupa patterns you should of been tying.  My favorite pattern this time of year is the Evil Weevil a little unknown pattern that came my way via Canada.  Its is deadly and you should not be with out some in your box.  This White River Caddis is a large #14 green body with a blonde wing. For representing the adult I like the “Double Wing green caddis”, a proven fish taker that fishes great as a dry as well as a emerger.

March also brings our annual “Sow Bug” event in Mt Home Arkansas, a must see event if you like fly tying and talking shop with some of the best Fly fishers around. A great bunch of guys and gals…

Keep your eyes and ears posted on my blog and Should you have any questions regarding our rivers, bugs or tactics please give me a call my phone and door are always open.

Tight Lines,