Spring 2015

Hello everyone I hope the winter in your area is coming to an end.  Here in SW Missouri we have received several inches of snow and some really cold temps.  However the cold temps haven’t kept the Die Hard Streamer guys away.  Several big browns have been caught over the last 30 days the only problem you had to fare the cold weather.

I am looking forward to a fine spring time caddies hatch.  The next 10 days look to be above normal which should kick start the bugs.  I would venture to say starting around the 20th of this Month we could start to see some early hatches.

It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog… sorry about that..I have been very busy with my real job of real estate development. Finally after 6 yrs of a deep recession the economy has turned around and were back to work in a big way.  I still will be doing some select guiding so please give me a call I would love to fit you in my schedule.